Look Deeper.


They say the eyes are doors into the soul. What can you see in my soul by just looking into my eye? Can you see that I am a daughter, sister, wife, college graduate, and aspiring writer? Or perhaps you can see that I am an empath who feels your emotions as if they were my own, a healer, teacher, or counselor, a nature-lover or cosmic enthusiast. We all have a story, and though most do not realize, all of our stories intertwine. We are all connected, by the Universe, by our ancestors, by our traumas, insecurities, doubts, accomplishments, happiness… by love. The key to compassion is to realize that there is no difference between you, me, them, everyone. We are all human and we all suffer. But that shouldn’t be our defining factor. There is so much more beyond our surface, beyond our physical beings. Take a look behind the veil of society and its implications. Look into a stranger’s eyes and tell me what you see – what you feel. You create the reality that you engage in everyday. Every single person you encounter was placed there, by you. So look deeper. What is your soul’s message to yourself? What are you not seeing? Look deeper. Look into the soul.