My Intent

Welcome, Beauties!

My name is Lyssa and my main intent, my main purpose for this blog, is to connect with like-minded people! I am a recent college graduate who is going through A LOT of spiritual transitions! I seek spiritual guidance and further knowledge of this grand universe of ours and I know I am not alone! Very simply, I would love to build a network. A network of people that I can learn and grow from, and where I am able to share my thoughts and opinions and perhaps in turn, help others with my own insight!

I am a new participant in meditation, Reiki, and tarot cards. I enjoy yoga, hiking, and just being in nature! I intend on creating my own reality and that reality involves raising my consciousness and my awareness. I intend to ascend! And realizing that I am not alone in these desires, I ask you, spiritual WP Bloggers, to join me in this journey. All are welcome and all feedback is received with infinite gratitude!



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