Dream Journal

November 28, 2013:
I had a variety of different dreams early this morning, most of which I cannot remember. However, one thing that stuck out to me was looking up into the sky and seeing geometrical shapes imprinted in the bright blue sky. At first it looked as if the shapes were made from the clouds but when I looked more closely I realized that they actually had a “scar” effect to them – they seemed completely imprinted in the sky, as if the sky were a solid wall that could hang things on it, and the geometrical shapes were the wallpaper. The shape itself was octagonal and with each point the central octagon formed, another octagon formed off of it. All I could think was, what is going on? Where is that shape coming from? But I wasn’t frightened. If anything, I was quite calm and instinctively recognized it as change. What type of change, I’m unsure, but in the dream the details didn’t seem important.


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